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Clay County Sheriff under investigation, sources say

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Sheriff Miles Slack took office in January.

After receiving numerous calls about allegations against the Sheriff, I went to Clay County to do some research. 

That's when sources close to the investigation itself confirmed the rumors that have been swirling around town for weeks. 

Sources close to the investigation said Sheriff Slack used a keylogger, and that's at the heart of the investigation.  A keylogger tracks every move that is made on a computer. 

Sources confirmed that the device was plugged into a government computer for reasons pertaining to the Sheriff's personal life.

Bill Gardner is a professor of digital forensics at Marshall University.  He said, "When you're ready to retrieve the information, you basically just retrieve the hardware device [from the computer]."

They look like any other normal USB.  Gardner said that's why they tend to go by unnoticed.  

Experts say keyloggers are not uncommon.  In fact, they can be found on various web sites.  Typically, possessing them isn't illegal.  It's how they're used that can get a person into trouble.  

"It's sort of like owning lock picks," Gardner said.  "You could use them for illegal purposes or you could use them to get people back into their houses."  

Gardner says the laws are not black and white.  "Courts have not been really even handed when it comes to applying those laws to people.  You see a lot of keyloggers being used in domestic cases," he said.  

Charges have not yet been filed.  According to his office, Slack is still the Sheriff of Clay County.  
We have reached out of Sheriff Slack both by phone and going to his office in person, he has not commented or returned calls.

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