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Mother of driver in fatal Clay Co. accident speaks out

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Stacy Murphy holds up the bloodstained t-shirt her son was wearing earlier Wednesday morning.

"It's covered in blood," she said. "He tried to save Kara."

Her son, Isaac Murphy, 18, was the driver in a rollover accident involving 11 people between the ages of 14 and 20, according to troopers with the West Virginia State Police.

Murphy was driving a Ford F-150 when he lost control of the vehicle on Route 36 near Wallback. Six passengers were riding in the front of the truck, while five were sitting in the back. Approximately 15 grams of marijuana were found at the scene.

Kara Conley, 17, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to troopers.

Ten people were transported to CAMC and St. Francis Hospital in Charleston.

Murphy was treated at St. Francis Hospital for a knee injury. He was released Wednesday morning and returned to his home in Clay.

"He does feel guilty. He said, 'Why me, Mom? Why did it have to be me?' and I said, 'Accidents happen, son,'" recalled Murphy's mother.

Murphy claimed he fell asleep at the wheel, according to Stacy. After speaking with doctors, she is convinced her son was driving sober.

"They said all of his tests came back negative, no drugs, no alcohol," she said.

Stacy said Murphy was trying to get his life together in the wake of his brother's death in 2012. She explained that after her eldest son, Michael, succumbed to cerebral palsy last year, Murphy turned to drugs.

Other relatives told 13NEWS that shortly after Michael's death, Murphy was accused of shooting at a parked car while intoxicated. Stacy said he was under probation for the incident.

"He's just in the bed, covering up his head," said Stacey, who told 13NEWS Murphy and Kara were close friends. "He didn't want to come home, he said. I don't think he wanted to face everybody, face reality. He wanted to run from it."

Murphy's cousin, Chelsie Drake, said she was invited to go ghost hunting with the group Tuesday night. She didn't go.

Chelsie said the group drove out to the Chimneys, a place her friends believe to be haunted.

Stacy said Murphy and his friends liked driving out to the Chimneys; they had done it several times in the past few months.

Chelsie, 17, said she knew Kara well. Both attended Clay County High School.

"I swear she was the nicest person I've ever met in my life," Chelsie said.

Chelsie, who lives with Murphy, now faces comforting her cousin, who feels responsible for the crash.

"He feels like it's his fault. He's pretty upset and depressed," Chelsie said.

The crash remains under investigation. Police have not filed charges against Murphy at this time.

Several teenagers are still recovering from their injuries at CAMC General.

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