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Four young men lend a helping hand at flooding Jackson County school

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David Tibbals is about to be a junior at Ripley High School.  He said,  "I was raised to always, you know, if you see someone in need, even if you don't know them, just help them out."

Kenna Elementary is situated right in the middle of two creeks.   Around 3 p.m. Thursday, water started rushing inside of the school.

Brock Matson, David Tibbals, Luke Matson, and Cody Edens were on their way home when they noticed a teacher from Kenna Elementary who looked like she needed help outside of the school. 

Tibbals said, "She waved us over here and she said it was starting to flood and they didn't know where the sand bags were."

When the boys saw that the school was flooding, they jumped into action, asking what they could do to help.

"There was water kind of everywhere," said Brock. 

Luke said, "There was a lot of water in the hallways and stuff.  We put sandbags in front of the doors."

Principal Sonya White was at the school with everyone working to clean it all up.  She says an act of kindness like this one is the best kind of lesson for kids coming in for the upcoming year.

"We always teach them to be helpful and to look out for each other," said White.  "This is just one of those ways that we can show them that we can all pull together to make everything ready to go."  

Edens said, "If you have a chance to help make sure you do it.  You might be in a situation where you might need help If you don't do a good deed you may not get it back."

Thanks to the help of teachers, members of the community, school employees, and these young men, a school will be ready to go for the upcoming year.

"We kind of took it upon ourselves and said, let's go help.  It's a good feeling," said Edens.

A good feeling that educators here hope is contagious.  

White said the school will open on time. 

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