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Summers County student attends class through robot

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One Summers County elementary school student is the first in the state to attend class through the use of a robot.

The school board announced that it has purchased a VGO robot through a grant from the Hinton Area Foundation.

The robot allows a student who is unable to physically be in school to virtually attend.

The first student to use it is 4th grader Ellie Rhodes.

Last spring she underwent a bone marrow transplant and is isolated to her home because she cannot risk being exposed to any illness.

She will operate the robot from home, move freely around the school, attend class and socially interact with her peers.


"I'll help her by telling her what page we are on or I'll show her the paper if she can't see the chalkboard," said her best friend Maggie Stover.

All of Mrs. Shank's students are ready to lend a helping hand but Ellie and her V-go are pretty self-sufficient.

Even when it comes to answering questions.

"Anytime I ask a question I just turn around and look at her and she usually has her hand up. She's very bright, and she works very quickly, she does everything the kids do," said teacher Cathy Shank.

"It's just nice that she can communicate with the kids and feel like she can be here because she does feel like she's here," she added.

"It's just fun to know that she's there and she can feel like she's here when she's in the comfort of her own home," said Stover.


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