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Helmet technology alerts coaches to concussions

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Concussions in high school sports is a big topic this time of year.

One school district in Oklahoma City is trying out something new in football players’ helmets.

They are putting sensors in both sides of helmets that monitor concussions, and then that data is sent to an iPad being monitored on the sidelines.

"We took it as another tool in our pocket that's going to benefit us in the long run," said Newcastle Head Coach Keith Bolles.

The move comes after a player on the team got a bad concussion.

The boy’s mom did some research and found a company that specializes in studying and finding ways to prevent concussions. The company is allowing the team to try the technology out for free this year.

The iPad alerts trainers when there is a big hit.

"And even if they got their bell rang and they are a little dizzy they don't want to come out. But this tells us to check em. It takes some of the load off and we check them and if that kid does not meet the baseline requirement they had, then we know there might be something, and we take them out," said Coach Bolles.

"The one thing about concussions is we learn something new everyday. It's a very new arena," said Newcastle Athletic Director Dale Berglan.

The technology is “a big hit” with the athletic department.

"It's amazing how technology works now days. It shows the hits and it gives us the alerts, and it gives us a little bit more," Berglan.

We called some districts across the tri-state to see what they think about using technology to prevent concussions.

We got in touch with the Superintendent of Lawrence County Ohio Schools.

He said they have been researching the topic for a few years now and he is open to anything that will prevent student injury.


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