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Federal investigation causes resignations and suspension in Mingo County

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The shakeups continue in Mingo County following the federal indictments of two public officials.

On Wednesday morning, dozens showed up to the Mingo County Commission meeting; the first meeting since the scandals broke.

Three big developments came out of the meeting.

The first motion involved Commissioner David Baisden, who officially stepped down as the county's purchasing agent. This is the same position that got him into trouble with the federal authorities to begin with. Tina Abbott will take over these responsibilities and buy anything the commission needs until further notice. Abbott will be required to get approval from either Commissioner Greg 'Hootie' Smith or John Mark Hubbard for items that cost more than $500.

The next motion came in the form of a suspension.

"I make the motion that we indefinitely suspend on an administrative leave, without pay, Mr. Fletcher, from his employment," Smith said.

Jarrod Fletcher, the county's Homeland Security and 911 Director will be temporarily replaced by two other people pending the outcome of the federal investigation.  Fletcher was not criminally charged. However, he was mentioned in an indictment of Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury last week.

Prosecutors said they won't charge Fletcher, but claim he helped Thornsbury try to frame the judge's romantic rival.

Columbus Cisco grew up in Mingo County. He thinks anyone associated with the people who've been charged or named in the indictments should step down until the investigation is finished.

"If they've done wrong, they need to step down until this is over," Cisco said.

Interim Sheriff Rosie Crum also submitted a letter to commissioners on Wednesday. She said she will resign from her post next month. She recommended Chief Deputy Dave Rockel to serve as her replacement.

Commissioners said they will accept sheriff applications until Sept. 4. They plan to announce a new sheriff on Sept. 18.

People who attended the meeting said they are pleased with the decisions made. However, they fear this is not the end of corruption in Mingo County.


A federal investigation in Mingo County has resulted in several people stepping down from their positions and one person being suspended.

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Interim Sheriff Rosie Crum, widow of Eugene Crum, will step down on Sept. 4.  Rosie Crum recommended that Chief Deputy Dave Rockel be her replacement.

Mingo County Commissioner David Baisden will step down as purchasing director but will remain as county commissioner.  Jarrod Fletcher, Mingo County Director of Emergency Services, will be suspended indefinitely without pay pending the outcome of the investigation.  Lorraine Vance will serve as 911 director and Doug Goolsby will take over Fletcher's duties for Homeland Security.

The resignations and suspension follow on the heels of a federal investigation that claimed the Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury had abused his power while sitting as judge.

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