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Constant Flooding Worries Neighbors

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"It doesn't matter if it's a few drops of rain or a heavy downpour. For the residents of Park Cloverfield apartments, it just doesn't matter.

"If I hear the thunder, I wake up," said Mark Haynes.

That's because the street in front of his apartment building is constantly flooding.

"I've already lost one car and the time before. The time before last when it came up it was already into the apartment about eight inches," Haynes said.

Neighbors say when it rains it pours. In just 30 minutes, the street in front of Haynes' apartment received over an inch of water. 

The constant flooding is causing concern especially for Debbie Jordan, the apartment building's owner.

"That's not good for people living in your apartments. It's not good business," said Jordan.  

The buildup of water so powerful, it's moved a dumpster down the road and shut down the apartment building's Internet service.

 Residents have even started parking on top of a hill as a precautionary measure. 

 "It's always aggravation. It kind of sucks," said Haynes.

"We can't do nothing but just look," said Jordan. 

The rule of thumb with high water is turn around and don't drown.



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