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Facebook post warns about cat killings in Rainelle

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A Facebook post has people in one Greenbrier County community keeping a closer eye on their pets. According to the post that's been shared more than two hundred times, a group of people are killing cats for sport. 59News is working for you to get the details.

59News Reporter Lauren Hensley went to Ranielle.  Numerous people spoke with our news crews and confirmed they knew about the killings or saw the Facebook post.

The Facebook posts stated: "I have found out about something that has been going on that sickens and scares me it has been openly admitted that there are a group of guys going around every night and every weekend around Rainelle up and down back streets and shooting cats and using the amount of pain and suffering and death as determinates for points and the cats with collars are worth the most... Please pass this along and keep your eyes and ears open."

Rainelle Police Chief J.P. Stevens just heard about the Facebook post Friday morning.  He said no one has filed a police report but encourages anyone to come forward if they see this happening.

59News caught up with Tina Kessler.  She is an animal lover and owns 9 cats.  She said she keeps an eye on the strays in the neighborhood, even offering up bowls of cat food to the stray animals.

59News let her have a look at the Facebook post and she said, "Well it is cruelty to animals! 59News reporter Lauren Hensley asked, "does it make you mad?" "Yeah, it does.  It makes me want to go out there and find out who these people are," Kessler said.

If anyone has information about the cat killings, you are encouraged to contact the Rainelle Police Department, 304-438-7772.


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