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Brake Safety Week recognized in Charleston, WV

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Enforcement Officer Matthew Epling conducts an inspection. Enforcement Officer Matthew Epling conducts an inspection.

There are many dangers out on the road. It can be a real concern as you work to keep your family safe. This week the West Virginia Public Service Commission, based in Charleston, WV is shining a spotlight on brake safety for the commercial vehicles that share the road with you.

"If you have been on the road or if you have a child on the road you want to make sure that truck driver next to you has safe brakes," said Susan Small, a spokesperson for the West Virginia Public Service Commission.

This week Transportation Enforcement Officers are rolling up their sleeves and focusing specifically on enhancing knowledge, regulatory compliance and performance of commercial vehicle braking systems.

"One of the main keys especially in this state is brake safety," said Transportation Enforcement Officer Matthew Epling. "With the terrain and the curves  here what better way to reduce highway crashes than to make sure the brakes are functioning properly."

The inspections are taking place at weigh stations across West Virginia. Inspectors do random checks year round but nationwide this week is recognized as Brake Safety Week.

"I just think it is a good thing," said commercial truck driver Brad Daugherty. "They may catch something that you missed."

It is an effort Epling said seems to be making a difference and helping to keep people safe.

"Over time it seems like our efforts have made a big improvement with the quality of vehicles that we see now. Just looking at the total number of fatal commercial vehicle crashes in the state, we have been trending down in the last 5 years."

Last year Public Service Commission Transportation Enforcement Officers inspected 30,000 trucks and buses in West Virginia. They are hoping to check that many or more in 2013.

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