Students, faculty and staff express themselves with free speech wall at Marshall University

[image] Photo Courtesy: Chris Holtzapfel, Photojournalist

The Young Americans for Liberty Marshall Chapter set up a free speech wall at Marshall University in Huntington, WV on Wednesday. 
The wall is meant to encourage students, faculty and staff to exercise their First Amendment right to the freedom of speech and expression.  The group asked for people to write on the wall what is frustrating to them about today's government, something that students say is very important.

"Students can't exactly go around campus and write things on walls and say what they want to say so our hope is that by building this wall students will be encouraged to express their thoughts and really just freely express whatever is on their mind today," Caitlin Grimes, member of Young Americans for Liberty said. 

The group also handed out pocket copies of the Constitution of the United States and they are planning more events in the coming months.


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