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Air Force dad surprises his kids from Korea

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Students at Crescent Elementary school in Beckley gathered for an assembly Wednesday.

Two classes from 1st and 3rd grade met and were taught how to "Face-Time." The demonstration helped students learn how technology can be a tool to keep in touch with loved ones and friends who don't live close by.

The assembly served a dual purpose for two students in the assembly. Two little girls got the surprise of their lives while the Face-Time demonstration took place.

Master Sgt.. Jones had been deployed overseas, but this is the first homecoming that will be a surprise. It all started with a mother's idea and turned into a surprise of a lifetime.

1st grader Hailey and 3rd grader Samantha's father, Master Sgt. Jones had been deployed in Korea for 9 1/2 months.

"They think he comes in tomorrow after school, we'll be driving up to get him. We've made a really good story, their Aunt's going to meet us after work to get him from the airport. They're really excited for tomorrow but they've got quite a surprise coming today," said mother Carissa Jones.

Mrs. Jones and Crescent Elementary Principal Mrs. Lewis came up with the plan of surprising the girls during the iPad demonstration in which the classes would face time with Sgt. Jones, thinking he was still in Korea until tomorrow.

"He's going to be able to talk to his daughters, well during that conversation we are going to act like we lose the connection and everybody's going to be like what happened to him. During that time we are going to open the door and he will walk in," 3rd grade teacher Kimberly Dalton told us.

"How was that surprise?"

"It was great!"

"And why was it so great?"

"Because my dad is coming home."

"And you were surprised right, you had no idea? No idea."

"How much are you guys going to enjoy the weeks being with him?

A lot. Probably like, infinity a lot," Samantha and Hailey said.

Jones gets to spend 3 weeks at home with his family before being deployed back to Korea until December. The family plans to move to Germany for their next station once Jones returns in December.

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