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New technology aimed at locating wandering loved ones

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Project Lifesaver is available through your local Sheriff's Office. Project Lifesaver is available through your local Sheriff's Office.
The Lawrence County Sheriff's Dept. demonstrated how Project Lifesaver is designed to help law enforcement find lost relatives with Alzheimer's disease. 

When a person purchases a bracelet, it emits a tracking signal.  Caregivers can notify the local Project Lifesaver agency their loved one is missing and a search and rescue team responds.

The Project Lifesaver website gives examples of recent rescues.  For example, it says a person with Alzheimer's was rescued in 36 minutes.  The average time to rescue someone who is a member of the program is 30 minutes.  That's 95 percent less than standard operations.

On Wednesday, the Sheriff's Department demonstrated how the program works.  A nurse hid the transmitter and after just seven minutes they found it.

"I thought the demonstration really brought the project alive," said South Point resident, Mozelle Medcalf. 

Right now, seventeen people are signed up for the program in Lawrence County.  Deputies with the Sheriff's Department said owning one is a small price to pay for what could save multiple lives. 

To purchase a wristband, you can go to your Sheriff's Office to see if they participate in the program.  They cost a one time fee of $350.  Deputies say they ask for a donation of $10 a month to maintain the equipment.


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