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Putnam County, WV woman loses limbs to staph infection, shares story

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Kimberly Parsons with her parents. Kimberly Parsons with her parents.

A young mother from Putnam County went to the hospital for back pain and doctors discovered terrible news.  They would soon learn the pain was being caused by an infection in Kimberly Parsons' body. 

After a surgery to remove the infection, Parsons went into septic shock.

"One minute I was fine and happy," Parsons said. "The next minute I'm in a hospital, not able to eat, not able to get out of bed. And that is tough."

Parsons spent several days on a ventilator.

"We had already went home and were discussing funeral arrangements," said Jeff Holmes, Parsons' father.  "The next day she woke up."

The infection and the treatment needed to save her life destroyed her hands and feet. In the past few weeks she has endured the amputation of her hand, both feet and some fingers on her other hand. Doctors are still holding out hope that the remaining hand can be saved.

Through the ordeal Parsons has been turning to Facebook to share her story. She posts videos before and after her surgeries on a page called Kimmy's Care.  

"I'm going to surgery," Parsons said in one of her online videos. "I'm getting rid of my right hand and it is a new step for me."

Her positive attitude has been an inspiration to many who have followed her story through social media.  Parsons' hospital room is filled with cards and posters offering well wishes. Many of the drawings are from her three children. Her oldest daughter is taking her illness the hardest.

"She came in the room to see me and she was crying. I don't have much of my arms but I got to wrap my arms around my daughter and we cried together," Parsons said.

She said her kids are her inspiration to stay strong.

"They know that the hospital will help me. And they are going to get mommy new fake legs and new fake arms that are better for me," Parsons said.

Parsons' friends are working to raise money to help with her care. They are selling shirts with her name on them. They are also planning a car wash at the St. Albans K-Mart. That event will be Saturday September 28 from 1 to 4 p.m.  

To follow Parsons' story on her Facebook page, just click on the link provided.

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