Big rivals take to the football field in Huntington, WV

[image] Fans were out to support their schools Friday night.

Nothing gets football fans going like a little rivalry.  "I think it's going to go awesome, I think our team is really good this year and I think they can bring it," said one Huntington High School fan.

Huntington and Cabell Midland hit the field Friday night and fans were pumped.  "We're rival teams," said a Midland fan.  "It's one of the biggest rivals in the state, so the game is going to be good."

Fans at this game said the rivalry is why many of them came out to support their teams.  Another Midland fan said, "We've beaten them the last two years in a row.  Of course, it's going to be a close game.  Knight power all the way, and we're going to win it."

These fans said they back their team no matter what.  "Play hard.  Either way we're going to be proud of you." said a Huntington junior.  One Midland fan's brother I spoke with plays for the team.  "Hopefully he's going to put someone in the hospital," she said, jokingly.

For Midland it's about trading spots with the number one team in AAA.  "They're number one, we're number two, said a Midland senior.  "But we definitel7.y should be number one I think.  For Huntington, it's about keeping their spot.

Huntington ended up coming out on top of Cabell Midland, for a final score of 19-7.

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