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Marshall University students upset at lack of emergency notification of Huntington shooting

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A shooting at a Huntington apartment complex that left six people injured and a gunman on the loose occurred Tuesday night, down the road from Marshall University.

Marshall University does have an Emergency Notification System in place to alert students and faculty members of situations threatening the safety and security of the campus. However, students were not notified of the incident and were upset.

"Even though it wasn't on campus it was close enough to campus that people could have been around there and they should have known about it," said Amie Lamber, a Marshall University freshman.

As Huntington police searched for a gunman on the loose, students at Marshall University were left in the dark. The University chose not to activate its emergency notification system in order to inform students and faculty members about a shooting at a nearby apartment complex.

"They even told us if you sign up for the MU alert, they send you a text if you sign up for it, they email you, they call you, everything you put in the information to be notified," said Emily Harden, a freshman at Marshall University.

But Harden was never notified. In fact, the only way Harden found out about the shooting was through social media.

"That's dangerous. If you don't know then you can be in danger yourself," said Harden.

The shooting happened only blocks away from campus. Because campus is less than a 10 minute drive from the crime scene, 13 News asked school administrators why an alert wasn't sent out.

School officials did not want to go on camera and discuss the issue. However, they did say the crime was not on campus and had nothing to do with the campus.

"I'm not mad at them for not doing it considering it's not directly affiliated with Marshall but if it had been involved with Marshall students or Marshall students were there then I feel like they should have sent out something," said Conor McKay, a freshman at Marshall University. 

When the emergency notification system is activated, alerts are sent to students, teachers and faculty members through text messages, emails and phone calls.


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