Capital High School Marching Band energizes the crowd

[image] Pride of Captial energizes crowd

It's Friday night and that means one thing, football frenzy. But what about those on the sidelines drumming the football team on and energizing the crowds? 

13 News went beyond the field and spoke to members of the award winning Capital High School Marching Band.

They're the Capital High School Marching Band and they call themselves the Pride of Capital.

"I think we're important for like hype... we get the football team hype and turn up," said Aaron Simms, a senior and tenor player. 

But this marching band is living up to their own hype. There are 108 members and they've won the title of Grand Champion at multiple marching competitions.

 "Winning trophies is a big thing, I mean the reward pays off," said Simms. 

And practice makes perfect. The band rehearses four times a week, for hours at a time, with all of their work leading up to big half-time shows each Friday night.

"It's a little nerve racking. Your hearts running. You're just so ready to play but when it's over you just want to go back and do it again," said Daniel Adamczyk, a senior who plays the trumpet.

The Pride of Capital says half time is a great way to energize the crowd and prepare for upcoming competitions.

"It's nice to have a good dress rehearsal. It gets us warmed up for the competitions and stuff," said Simms. 

Behind the drums and flutes, clarinets and trombones, these students consider themselves more than musicians. They say the band is their team and they are the athletes.

"I consider it a sport because you have to be able to march and also play your instrument so there's a lot of breathe support and just being able to be militant with your upper body and your horn angle and getting good tone," said Adamczyk.

Which they make look oh-so easy.

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