St. Albans High School brings home brand new Battle of the Bridge trophy

[image] Casey and Mark Turley attended the Battle of the Bridge in order to debut the trophy they crafted.

It's called the Battle of the Bridge.  "It's a big rivalry every year for us," said St. Albans senior, Dakota Kelly.  "I'm ready to go.  I'm excited."

This year in their 85th match up, St. Albans and Nitro are playing for something pretty special.  Mark and Casey Turley, a father and son team, hand-crafted a trophy made from the steel from the old Nitro St. Albans bridge.  "To me, it's about keeping traditions are alive," Casey said.  "What more could you ask for than taking a piece of the old bridge and turning it into a trophy for this game?"

The trophy made it's debut tonight Friday night.  "It's something that they can really take pride in and play for many years down the road," he said.  Kelly said, "They took it to both the schools today I believe and presented it to both of us.  We'd love to have that at the high school starting off."

For St. Albans players, it means something to have it sitting in their school.  Mark said, "Go dragons!"  The Turley's are die hard Red Dragon fans because both are St. Albans alums.   They said no matter the outcome, this game is all about a good rivalry that dates back many years.  The players agree, this game isn't like any of the others.

Nitro senior, Tyler Barton said, "This is definitely different.  It's more exciting."

St. Albans came out on top of Nitro in this year's match up, 43-19.  


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