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WV Attorney General's Office taking civil action against local businessman

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CHARLESTON, WV: At first glance, Ruth Pendleberry's porch in Scott Depot looks normal, but if you look closer, you may understand why it has been a nightmare for Pendleberry.

"It's poor material, its bad workmanship, your old deck looks better than this," said Pendleberry.

Pendleberry said she decided to invest her home several years ago following the death of her husband.

"I had gotten his life insurance and we really needed a deck really bad," she said.

Pendleberry said she saw an advertisement for Basset Construction and enlisted the help of Mike Brown. She said she paid him thousands up-front for materials and for half the labor.

As Pendleberry was inspecting Brown's work on her deck, she said it looked uneven.

"I started ask him about it and he said no it would all even out and it would look good once he was finished."

Ruth said the deck never evened out.

Without her husband, Ruth said she was too afraid to take civil action against Mike Brown, but she did call the West Virginia Attorney General's Office to report him. She is not alone, Patrick Morrisey's office has received several complaints about Brown and Basset Construction over the years.

I went to the last known address for Basset Construction in Culloden, according to the attorney general's office, but no one came to the door.
I also tried to reach out to Mike Brown over the phone, but I have not gotten any response.

Ruth said Mike Brown offered to repair her deck if she would pay him a few thousand dollars more. Ruth said she can't afford to pay anyone to fix her deck because all her extra money went to Mike Brown.

Court documents show the West Virginia Attorney General's Office is taking civil action against Basset Construction and Mike Brown on behalf of the state of West Virginia, on several counts including fraud.

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