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Federal prison employees forced to work without pay

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The government shut down is forcing thousands of federal workers in West Virginia to go without money in their wallets.  But some workers are even being forced to go to work, for free.

"The employees they're concerned, they're worried, anxiety is setting in because they do not know how they are going to pay their bills, their monthly obligations they don't know how they're going to put food on the table," said McDowell Federal Prison Counselor Charlie Yates.

They said not showing up to work isn't even an option to them.

"We're going to come to work and do the right thing, we would just like to see the people on Capitol Hill do the right thing and give us what we deserve, this is nothing special that we want it's our pay and that's it," said Beckley Federal Prison Counselor Charles Turner.

They said right now getting answers from the capitol isn't even within their reach.

"The only guidance we get is, we'll get through this... we're writing you IOU's but there's no guarantee they are going to pay us there's really not," said Yates.

"We take pride in what we do and we're not going to let the man or the woman next to us down so if we stay home and be mad or have the attitude that if I'm not getting paid then I'm not going to work, then were letting someone down," said Turner.

Yates said these people not getting paid is going to make a splash all over the community.

"Just in our local area there's over 3,100 federal employees so that's going to be a huge economic impact not just on us but on our local community," said Yates.

They said everyone can do their part to help by contacting our politicians.

"Make a voice, whatever you've got to do, send emails, make phone calls, go to their offices," said Turner.

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