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University Motors in Morgantown 1 of 11 Dealerships in U.S. To Sell Morgans

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In the 1930s the British car company Morgan jumped off the page with it's three-wheeled sports car called the Super Sports. That 1930s classic is back, and it's right here in the Mountain State.

"'What is that?' is what we get a lot of times, and 'is that for sale?' and yes they are and they're brand new," said Sarah Claydon of University Motors.

The car people are asking about is the 2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler, a classic looking sports car brought into the future.

"When they redesigned the new Morgans, they kept the same shape, the missile-style body that they had in the 1930s, they just added modern technology," Claydon said.

Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan founded the Morgan Motor Company around 1910. The company builds four-wheeled and three-wheeled cars all known for their classic roadster flare, and wooden chassis.

In England, the 3 Wheeler is known as a race car.

"It's designed to be a car that makes you feel like you're flying on the road," Claydon said. "It's designed to look like an airplane as much as possible. Even the dashboard has airplane style switches."

University Motors in Morgantown said the car goes 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds, produces 118 horsepower, and goes up to 120 mph.

"Each one is hand assembled in England, the chassis is hand made, so it's not even made like any car is nowadays," Claydon added.

The car runs between $54,000 to $56,000 and can only be purchased at 11 dealers in the United States.

University Motors said Morgan does not intend to add more dealerships in the U.S. and said that being one of a few is a huge honor.

"We're really excited, it was a huge thrill to get these," Claydon said. "We were always a big fan of the Morgan car, so it's very exciting for us."

The Morgan is street legal but in the U.S. it's considered a motorcycle, because it's three-wheeled, so drivers need a motorcycle license or permit to drive one.

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