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UPDATE: Red Cross to help residents after Flatwoods, KY fire

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A release from the American Red Cross says they will be helping the victims of an early morning fire in Flatwoods, KY.

The Red Cross will help seven families affected by the fire at the Brentwood Three Apartments.  According to Vicki James, Red Cross Executive Director, comfort kits have been distributed to all of the residents forced to leave their apartments after the fire.

James says that all of the residents have found places to stay with friends or family.



Todd Barker said he was sleeping early Friday morning when he heard commotion outside of his Brentwood Apartment in Greenup County, KY.

He realized his apartment had filled up with fire and smoke and said he couldn't escape through the front door.

"it all just happened so fast. It's like the fire just chewed down the place," he said.

He noticed someone was shining a light on his upstairs bedroom window. When he opened the window, firefighters with the Flatwoods Fire Department propped a ladder up on the side of the building so he could climb down to safety. Barker said he could be dead if it weren't for the firefighters who saved his life.

Firefighters believe a grease fire is responsible in an apartment downstairs. The building is considered a total loss. All eight units suffered heavy smoke, fire, and water damage. Seven of the units were occupied.

Vicki James is the Executive Director of Northeast Kentucky American Red Cross.  She said none of the victims have renters insurance, something that's crucial in a fire.

"It's not that expensive. There's certain amounts of coverage you can get and most of time when you're in an apartment complex, the appliances and things are covered anyway, so it's just your personal items," she said.



Several people are without a place to live after in early morning fire at an apartment complex in Greenup County, KY.

Firefighters said they received a 911 call around 2 a.m. from the Brentwood Apartment in Clay Road in Flatwoods.

There are eight units in the apartment complex.  Most of them suffered heavy smoke and water damage, firefighters said.

Dispatchers are urging people to avoid the immediate area because neighboring roads are blocked off, including part of Powell Lane.

Everyone was able to escape the building without injury.

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