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Truck drivers hit the road today for 'Truckers Ride for the Constitution'

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Truck drivers from across America hit the pavement to Washington, D.C. in protest of the government shutdown today. 

Justin Pandorf has been a truck driver for 10 years.  Pandorf says he supports the movement because he hopes it will strike fear into American leaders. 

Another truck driver, who wanted to be identified as Joe, says, "I have to go to work everyday, so they should have to also."

The Ride for the Constitution Facebook page has more than 170,000 likes.  Many are hopeful that group demonstrations like this one will catch on and grow until something changes.  Pandorf believes every citizen is obligated everyday to practice your rights.

Some truck drivers don't see the point of the protest.  Joe says it's a waste of time because it never does any good and nobody listens to truck drivers anyway.

The government shutdown is just tip of the iceberg because truckers are also raising awareness and questions about regulations that effect their everyday jobs.  Pandorf says the rising costs of oil, parts, and everything else is burdensome. 

Joe says the hours of service regulation are ridiculous.  He feels every time a truck driver gets in the groove, they change the rules again.

The Truckers Ride for the Constitution protest kicks off today and is expected to last through the weekend.

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