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Woman gets runaround from 911 dispatchers

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Becky Webb wants to know why deputies arrived four hours after she first called 911 to report men that were harassing her at her home.

"If somebody was breaking into my house last night, I would have been dead," says Ms. Webb. "That would have been it."

Ms. Webb says the other day, she cut down some high weeds on her farm, where hunters had made a hiding spot.

She says when they came back to find their fort leveled, they got mad.

She says there were at least three men on four-wheelers, who drove up to her house, and harassed her and her disabled son.

"Came down to the apple trees, and they were just revving their engines right there, and just yelling profanities at us."

That is when Ms. Webb called 911.

She tells me the Jackson County dispatcher referred her to Kanawha County's emergency call center.

After a few hours, she says Kanawha County dispatchers called her, wanting to know exactly where she lived, and where she paid taxes, in order to determine which county should respond.

During all of this, she says, the men were walking around her home, even whistling to her dog.

Four hours after the original call, and after the men had left, a deputy from Jackson County arrived to take a report.

Our crew and Ms. Webb called dispatchers in both counties, and we found that she lives in Jackson County.

We also found that she lives in Kanawha County.

Kanawha County dispatchers concluded that Ms. Webb's house is in Kanawha County, while most of her farm is in Jackson County.

Dispatchers in both counties advised her to sort out her situation through the assessor's office.

As we listened to her phone conversation with the Kanawha County dispatch supervisor, Ms. Webb was told that until she irons this out on her own, agencies may still have to do some back-and-forth to find out who handles the call.

Ms. Webb plans to call assessor's offices in both counties on Tuesday to iron out her situation.

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