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Family of missing Putnam County man pleading for public's help

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A missing Putnam County man's family has been tirelessly searching for him for days. A missing Putnam County man's family has been tirelessly searching for him for days.

Chris Sexton, 23, has been missing since Monday.  "If you have any information about where he's at just call me and let me know please," said Sexton's mother, Angie Pauley, holding back tears.  

Bethany Weeman is a family friend.  She said,  "You don't know what to expect.  You expect the worst and then you hope for the best.  You look in ever nook and cranny, every ditch line."

Sexton's family and friends decided to speak out Wednesday.  They described the situation to the best of their knowledge.  They said Sexton was attending a party in Scott Depot near Joyce Road.  They said a fight of some kind broke out.   That's when they said Sexton was chased into the woods.  All they have now as a clue is Sexton's shirt, found 300 yards from where the party took place. 

There is a direct path from where the party was to where Sexton's shirt was found.  Weeman found the shirt Tuesday behind the Save-A-Lot in town.  Sexton's family believes he traveled that path the night that he went missing.   Pauley said, "His family loves him so much and we've been out looking for him.  We just want him to come home."  

Weeman has been out with her fiance looking on four-wheelers.  She said they had been searching the woods for nearly 24 hours straight.  "I'm looking for the best things," she said.  "Like I said, his shirt.  That's something out of the ordinary.  Like his father said, he would not just take off his shirt and let it lay somewhere."

In the meantime, this family is holding out hope.  And they say someone out there has the information they need.  If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Chris Sexton, you're asked to contact 911 or the Putnam County Sheriff's Office immediately.


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