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30 Days to a Safer Neighborhood: Clarksburg Police Increase Presence in Local Areas

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To keep our neighborhoods safer Clarksburg police officers are doing something that seems simple: walking along streets in Clarksburg like Locust Avenue.

"We try to frequent neighborhoods all around Clarksburg especially this street. We just come out and talk to neighbors, make sure they know that we're out here actually checking the area and just interacting with the citizens," said Officer Scott Vinson, with the Clarksburg Police Department.

After a drug related quadruple murder on Locust Avenue in July Clarksburg police officers have made it a habit of getting out of their cars to patrol neighborhoods.

"We've done this in years past but recently since the incident on Locust Avenue we were looking for ways to more interact with the community so they better know the officers and the officers have a better perception of what's going on in the neighborhoods," explained Interim Chief Robert Hilliard of the Clarksburg Police.

In addition to looking and listening for suspicious activity Officer Vinson said there's another important reason to actually get out of his car and walk.

"Just letting the citizens know that we're actually here checking on things. A lot of times we hear that we're not out in these neighborhoods so we actually make a good effort to actually speak to these people and let them know that we're here," said Vinson.

Vinson said each officer makes an effort to visit different neighborhoods in Clarksburg and that residents can suggest areas that need to be checked out.

And even when the officers might be too busy to walk in the neighborhoods they still make an effort to check things out.

"We'll drive slow, roll down the windows, listen for things. A lot of times something could be happening and they haven't called 911 yet and you can hear what's happening and be able to stop it before it turns into something violent," Vinson said.

If you have a neighborhood you believe needs to be checked you can call the Clarksburg Police tip line at 304-624-1625.

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