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NOT GUILTY: Hatcher acquitted of first degree murder

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Rebecca Hatcher found not guilty of first degree murder in death of War mayor, Thomas Hatcher. Rebecca Hatcher found not guilty of first degree murder in death of War mayor, Thomas Hatcher.

The jury in a murder trial out of McDowell came back on Wednesday afternoon.  They found Rebecca Hatcher not guilty of First Degree Murder in the death of War Mayor, Thomas Hatcher.  The jury was hung on the conspiracy charge. 

A new trial in the conspiracy charge will expected to be held in February 2014.

The Rebecca Hatcher murder trial in McDowell County will continue into Wednesday, Nov. 6 after the jury spent most of the day Tuesday in deliberation.
Tuesday morning, both the state and the defense presented their closing arguments to the jury.  Around 10:30 a.m. the jury went into deliberation.
In closing arguments, the prosecuting attorney left the jury thinking about Rebecca Hatcher's motive and opportunity to kill her father in law, Mayor Thomas Hatcher.  McDowell County Prosecuting Attorney Edward Kornish said the two lived together and Thomas locked his bedroom door every day to keep his daughter-in-law from stealing his things.
"The only person that had access to his bedroom because unbeknownst to him she had gotten the key is the defendant, Becky," said Kornish.
The defense went back to the crime scene evidence for closing remarks.  A Belk bag the state claims was used by Hatcher and her brother to kill the victim.
"Why'd they leave the bag behind? The one item that is supposed to have smothered and killed Tom Hatcher... they leave it behind," said Defense Attorney Keith Flinchum.
The 12 jurors are deciding between several options for Hatcher's fate on two separate charges.  Guilty verdict options are first degree murder without mercy, first degree murder with mercy, second degree murder or voluntary manslaughter. Or they could find her not guilty.
On the second charge they will either find her guilty or not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.
Her brother, Earl Click, who is also charged in connection will go on trial in January.
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