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Update: Kanawha County voters decide against raising taxes to benefit schools and libraries

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According to officials, the election held to pass both the Kanawha County School Board and Library Levy has received it's final unofficial results, resulting against the levies.

For the levies, the vote was counted as 5,501 (23.82%).

Against the levies, the vote was counted as 17,590 (76.18%).

Officials say the results are not official until after the Canvass on Friday, November 15.



A passed excess levy in Kanawha County, WV would mean millions for the county's libraries and technology upgrades at local schools.

A failed levy might force libraries to pinch pennies, and parents to pay for some student activities.

"Whatever's best for the kids, then that's what we should focus on," says Janice Williams, who has two daughters in school, and two grandchildren who will be in school.

Ms. Williams says if an excess levy makes their educations better, then she's all for it.

"Right now is our future, but they have a long future ahead of them, and they really do need all the help they can get."

"Their comes a point where too much is too much," says Amanda Byus, who is a school librarian in Putnam County, and her two sons go to Kanawha County Schools.

She is familiar with these kinds of issues.

"I think if the state funded school systems more aptly" says Ms. Byus. "Then we wouldn't have to keep asking taxpayers to pass levy after levy after levy."

Some voters tell 13 News that while they knew about the election, they chose not to vote, because they did not have enough information.

"Can you tell us about the appropriation of this money, where this money's gonna go, and what exactly is going to happen with this money?" asks mother of four, Carla Walker. "No one can account for where this money is going to go."

The county clerk says she expects voter turnout to be about nine percent, and she says in Saturday elections, the people that do vote, are usually well informed.

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