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Huntington man overcomes life of drugs

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Matt Boggs is starting a new chapter in his life. He said he is starting this chapter, drug-free.

"It progressed from drinking, to marijuana to various pills, then it came to heroin, and I can remember the first time I did heroin," said Boggs.

The Ashland, Kentucky native described himself as being the all American Kid. His mother said she remembers him the same way as a child.

"He excelled in athletics he was good in school, and then there was the other side, the addict," said Melissa Boggs.

Matt said he was 14-years-old when he started drinking alcohol. He said the addiction progressed quickly.

"I was about 21 when the drugs really started to take off," said Boggs.

Matt said he became a heroin addict. It didn't take long for his family to notice. He was arrested a few times and stopped showing up on time to family events. Matt said it took a major toll on his family and on himself.

"I continued to lie and manipulate my family, I constantly say, I used their love for me against them," Matt said.

"You just worry, every day you know he could die," said Melissa Boggs.

Matt said he tried rehab several different times, but nothing seemed to work, until he went to the Healing Place in Huntington, WV. It is a long-term residential program where patients lean on each other to get clean.

"It took me when I was hopeless and I didn't have any place to live, it finally made me look in the mirror and realize what I had become," said Matt Boggs.

Matt has been clean for more than 19 months, is employed by the healing place, and is back in school at Marshall University.

"I have my son back," said Melissa Boggs.

Free from his life of addiction, Matt said he is becoming the caring and ambitious person he was born to be.

The Healing Place is a free program. There is a waiting list. For more info, call (304) 523-4673.

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