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Recipient Explains The Importance of Organ Donors

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Every ten minutes someone is added to the organ transplant waiting list. An average of 79 people receive organ transplants each day.

But because of a shortage in donations, 18 more people die each day waiting for organs that never come.

"It's the ultimate gift. It's a wonderful thing. I've never looked at organ donation as I do now. I want to spread the word. It's awesome and it's God's greatest gift," said Leora Vincent, organ recipient.

The months of November and December are also known as the season of giving. One of the best gifts someone can receive is another chance to live their life. Becoming an organ donor allows you to do just that.

"It could be a tissue donation. It could be an organ donation, coronial donation, bones. Some families will elect to just do certain organs or certain tissue or coronial," said Cherie Moore, Director of Surgical Services at Fairmont General Hospital.

Statistics say there are more than enough people waiting for an organ to fill a large football stadium twice right now.

Leora Vincent is one of the lucky ones that found a match.

"I went to Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh and they put me on a transplant list. My cousin from Georgia called my sister and says 'I want to volunteer and be tested'. He came up here and he was a match," Vincent said.

Brit Vincent donated one of his kidneys to Leora, saving her many complications in the future.

"My creat levels would have went higher and my function would have went down. I would have eventually had to be on dialysis but I haven't reached that point yet," she explained.

Doctors said many people don't realize that being an organ donor doesn't just mean you'll donate organs after you pass away. You can donate while you're alive and healthy.

"You can have a kidney donation actually where you might be a match for maybe a family member or someone who is not a family member and you are willing to donate that kidney," Moore said.

Leora Vincent said this is the season for giving. And by giving your organ, you may save a life.

"It takes an unselfish hero to be an organ donor. To volunteer, its phenomenal how people can do that. It's amazing," she said.

For additional information on how you can register, click on the link.

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