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Firefighters bring thanksgiving, families, to work

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Eight Huntington firefighters and their families had a traditional Thanksgiving meal in a non-traditional setting, their department.

They are thankful that their calls were from friends, family and coworkers, and not from a dispatcher with a fire location.

They are also thankful that even though they are working, they are here with family.

When we visited, we saw children, wives, friends and a lot of food.

"We, unfortunately, have to work Thanksgiving and Christmas and the holiday season," says HFD Lieutenant Adam Woodward, a firefighter with the department for 14 years. "So if the families come by and spend a little time with us, and eat some dinner with us, it's great to have them here."

Lt. Woodward's wife, Monique, says while home is her top choice for where she would like to spend the holiday, the fire department is a close second.

"We're just glad to be here with Adam," says Mrs. Woodward. "That's all. We'd rather be home, but we're glad to be here with him."

At home, though, Mrs. Woodward might have to help with the cooking, but here, there was not one female in the kitchen the whole time that the meal was being prepared.

"We try to do most of the cooking and the prepping for the day, so the families can just come in and enjoy it," says Lt. Woodward. "On a daily basis, this is what we have to do, cook our own dinners and stuff like that."

Firefighter, David Gaeger says he does not mind working holidays if his children get to join him.

"It's good for kids to come and see what their parents do," says Gaeger as he stands in the food line with his three children. "It's a great job, and a great place to come and work, but it's really just good to have kids around."

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