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Family accused of taking part in violent crimes in Clay County behind bars

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The three are accused of charges in relation to a violent burglary in Clay County. The three are accused of charges in relation to a violent burglary in Clay County.

Three people are behind bars as of Friday.  The three are accused to being a part of what troopers with the West Virginia State Police are calling a theft ring out of Clay County. 

Troopers had enough evidence to arrest Lyndon Metheney and Karen Brown Friday on warrants.  The two are in a relationship and were living in Wallback and Maysel, according to court documents. 

Thomas King, Brown's brother, was arrested a little over a month ago.  King's charges are: kidnapping, two counts of wanton endangerment involving a firearm, two counts of burglary, two counts of assault during the commission of a felony, two counts of robbery, attempt to commit arson, and destruction of property and grand larceny. 

King's charges stem from two separate incidences.  The first occurred on October 29, and the statement given to troopers regarding the incident came from Mona Keith, King's live-in girlfriend.  In that statement, she told troopers that Metheney drove King over to her home. 

After the two arrived, she said King held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her multiple times.  Her statement goes on to read that King strangled her until she lost consciousness.  The document reads that King held her for five hours and damaged her residence extensively during that time.  Her statement reads that Kind threatened to burn the house down.  Troopers said when they arrived, they saw motor oil that had been tossed around the house. 

On November 5, Metheney gave a statement stating he witnessed King beat Keith and throw oil on the home. 

The next incident occurred on November 2, according to court documents. 

Metheney told troopers that he was caring for a friend's pets.  He said his friend had gone out of town.  After King found out that he had the keys to the home, Metheney told troopers that King forced him, at gunpoint, to hand over the keys so that King could burglarize the residence.

Despite the fact that Metheney told troopers he was forced at gun point, he is also charged in connection with the incident due to the fact that King's girlfriend, Mona Keith, gave a statement to troopers saying that Metheney asked to hide the stolen items at her home. 

Metheney's charges include:  burglary, destruction of property, grand larceny, and two counts of conspiracy. 

Brown is also being charged in connection with the burglary on November 2.  She is charged with conspiracy due to the fact that troopers said she knew that the crime took place, and let the men stay at her home, despite the fact. 

We spoke with Metheney and Brown, who are both being held at Central Regional Jail in Braxton County.  Both agreed to an on-camera interview.

Both said they are innocent of the charges, and that Mona Keith's statements are false.  Metheney said he was set up by his brother-in-law, Thomas King.  Brown said she has been targeted by Keith from the beginning.  She said when Keith and King argue, Keith takes her aggression out on her because she is King's sister. 

The suspects involved in this case have also been connected to a string of ATV thefts in the county, according to troopers.  

Brown is held on a $20,00 bond.  Metheney is held on a $60,000 bond.  King is held on $120,000 bond.  

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