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LATEST: Madison Creek causeway construction completed

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Crews work to complete the Madison Creek Causeway in Logan, WV Crews work to complete the Madison Creek Causeway in Logan, WV


According to the WV Department of Transportation, work on the temporary causeway at Madison Creek has been completed.  The causeway was opened to traffic on Jan. 21.

Contractors are still working on the hillside above the road.



It was the latest efforts to reconnect a community cut off by a huge mudslide in Logan County. The only road leading in and out of Madison Creek is now open after being closed for several days.

"Hopefully some good will come out of all this because we sure have had enough bad," said Margaret Caldwell.

Caldwell was one of hundreds of residents forced to evacuate when the mudslide blocked the roads. She and others voluntarily crossed the Guyandotte River by ATV or boats.

"If you just take a look at this, we know this back here is coming," she said while pointing to the side of the mountain just yards from her front door. "We know it's going to come."

The Division of Highways has been working around the clock to restore the road for this community. In addition to clearing the damage left from the mudslide and opening the road back up, the DOH is building a causeway that will replace the damaged road. Currently, it is about 33 percent done and expected to be completed in the next few weeks. The causeway will be the only way in and out for these residents until a new, permanent road is built by the DOH, which will connect to the new Route 10.

"Once they get this done they will have no problem getting in and out," said Julie Hatfield, who lives right next to the new causeway. "We'll be better off because it ensures that our kids can go to school and it can ensure that we're not going to get trapped here and in case of an emergency they'll be in here and out."

With the old road reopened and the causeway under construction, residents are starting off the New Year with just one worry.

"My main concern is the children on the school bus," said Caldwell. "It ran for a while when we started having the problem and when they evacuated out here the bus naturally stopped."

However, with an open road parents are hoping for the best.

"If not, at least we will still have one way to get our cars out to take them to school," said Hatfield.



According to the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT), completion of the Madison Creek Causeway is a few steps closer. 

The approach to the new causeway on the Madison Creek side has been placed.  

On Monday, Dec. 30, WVDOT officials also expected that two of the six - 12' diameter pipes for the causeway would be in place by the evening.

In addition, Carrie Bly with the WVDOT says construction crews have started work on the Route 10 side at Prince Street in preparation for placement of the fill for one of the temporary bridge's abutments.

WVDOT officials add that next week installation of the temporary bridge deck is also expected to get underway.



Officials from the West Virginia Division of Highways reopened Madison Creek Road in Logan County tonight. It's been more than a week since a mudslide fell onto the road, stranding a community inside and forcing evacuations.  

"It was a mess, it was like a volcano sliding in," said Ronald Gibson, who lives off of Madison Creek Road.  

The road served as the only way into and out of the community. Many residents were worried about being trapped inside, especially those who were elderly and living with medical conditions.  

"I'm a diabetic and I didn't want to be stuck over there and have something happen to me and not be able to get out," said Gibson.  

David Hall is one of several dozen people who chose to evacuate and cross the Guyandotte River by ATV or boat. Officials with the Department of Transportation put him and others in area hotels.  

"They've taken care of the rental cars, brought us food three times a day, they were on top of their game," said Hall.  

Although residents say they were well taken care of, it wasn't long before they yearned to return home.  

"It's always nice to have Christmas at home, instead of at a motel," said Gibson. "At first it felt like a mini-vacation, but there is only so much you can do."  

The DOH has worked around the clock to reopen the road by Thursday evening, clearing off debris and repaving other areas. Many residents said they plan on moving back with their belongings tonight as soon as the road reopened.  

Officials are also working on building a causeway across the Guyandotte River, providing a more permanent solution to residents living on Madison Creek Road. Construction is expected to last three weeks.

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