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Finding a Family: Tyler

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Tyler is a pretty typical 13 year old boy, who loves the outdoors and activities like hunting and fishing.

"You get to go out with other people and just… have fun," Tyler said.

We also had fun indoors at the Cabela's in Charleston.

Tyler was struck by the size of bass and catfish on display in a tank.

"I've caught catfish about that size but nothing like this," Tyler said. "The biggest I've caught is probably as big as that bass back there."

"He is a sweet and shy boy but on the inside he is a little jokester. He likes to make people laugh," said his case worker, Audra Craghead.

Tyler's interests aren't just the outdoors. He enjoys school.

"History, science and stuff like that," he said.

Tyler also said his favorite class is also his hardest.

"And he is doing very well in school," Craghead said, "It's nice when he gets to come home and show his grades off."

Tyler would like to be in a family with brothers and sisters, but he's not picky.

"It doesn't matter what kind of family it is," Tyler said.

Though, he would like a family that could enjoy hunting or fishing with him.

"He's just a great kid. He deserves a family, as all children do," Craghead said.

If you'd like to learn more about Tyler, or any child up for adoption in West Virginia, call Mission West Virginia at 866- CALL MWV Or you can send an email to adopt@mission

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