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United Steelworkers Not Giving Up on Ormet

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The fight to save one thousand jobs at Ormet continues today.
The United Steelworkers just finished a teleconference to set the record straight and update the public about their recent efforts to get Ormet up and running again.

USW District 1 Director David McCall talked about a plan where they've done their part to reopen Ormet, and now they need help from power supply companies. He says there was a huge spike in AEP's rate for electricity and it's one of the main factors of what drove Ormet to bankruptcy. He said they aren't asking for anything new, outrageous or unreasonable.

Director McCall wants all the parties to come together with Ohio Governor John Kasich and negotiate a power supply arrangement that will allow the facility to be up and working again.

"the best way to get this fixed, the best way to get 1,000 people back to work, to make sure there's economic stability, is for the governor to call the parties back to the table to do what's right and do what's fair," said Director McCall.

He also stated, "we're confident that with a fair power supply agreement, we can make the plant run profitably, and proficiently and our communities can count on these jobs for future generations. Especially considering the long term plan that lies ahead about building a gas-powered plant."

Ormet's five part plan to help get the company running again, includes reducing operating and labor costs which they've done. As for the power costs, Director McCall is requesting to buy electricity from AEP at wholesale market rates. If you'd like to learn more or sign the petition to re-open the plant, you can go to save Ohio jobs dot org.

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