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Heartbroken mother sends son on incredible journey

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SCATTERING CJ is a labor of love and Hallie Twomey is trying to spread the love that only a mother could do after a tragedy.  It's an idea born out of a broken mother's heart following the horrible suicide of her beloved son CJ.

WEBSITE:  https://www.facebook.com/scatteringcj

CJ was only 20 years old and a former member of the Air Force when he died.  It was after an argument with his mother that he opted to end his life.

She says on her Facebook page that is a tribute to him, "For the past three years, I have literally stumbled through life trying to wake from this horrible nightmare. I can't change what happened although I would do anything to bring him back."

She goes on to say, "As his mom, I want nothing more than to turn back the clock and fix whatever led him to this decision…repair what was broken…give him the life he no longer has…grant him the gift of time that he'll never know."

So with that, she goes on to ask people to help scatter his ashes all over the world:  "SCATTERING CJ is my attempt to give my son SOMETHING. It's a mission to show my son – my crazy, life of the party, lover of people, smile so wide it entered a room before he did son – some of the world that he never got to see. It's an effort to allow my child to forever rest in locations hand picked by caring friends, family and strangers alike."

It's so heartbreaking to read but she wants you and everyone to be a part of it all and help in the healing:  "Please know that you are helping my very broken mom heart deal with the worst pain I have ever and will ever face."

The pictures show friends, family and complete strangers who have spread the love of CJ and his mother all over the world.  Now, the digital world is taking his story and spreading it even further.  We wanted to take a moment and share it as well.  For the love of CJ and his mother.  Godspeed.

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