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ARCTIC HISTORY LESSON: Dire warnings from the last event can prepare us now

ARCTIC HISTORY LESSON: Dire warnings from the last event can prepare us now

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We are looking at temperatures this week that won't just be below freezing but WAY BELOW freezing for an extended period of time.  This extended period of time will break records for various days as to lows and highs across the region.

If you compare the present setup versus the record books you can see what might happen again as history tends to repeat itself.  We go back to the Winter of 1995-1996 for cold of this magnitude.  Storm reports reveal a historical perspective that would serve us well for this time.  Here's a look at things that happened last time and could repeat again:

*Scored of people were dealing with dead car batteries.

*Numerous water lines burst...both in homes and even main town supplies.

*Overworked furnaces resulted in outages for many residents and businesses.

*Natural Gas shortages were reported due to dwindling supplies from prolonged cold and the freezing up of gas wells in some locations.

*Local power companies set all time usage highs.

*House fires resulted as some tried to thaw their pipes.

*Ice jams on rivers...which causes barge traffic to slow and even back up.  When the ice broke days later...many barges broke off their moorings and had to be rounded up.  River navigational aids were displaced or damaged by the ice.

Please take warning for this storm as it is rare and historic in nature.  We will be here to keep you updated as the storm moves through and eventually passes!

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