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How to dress in extremely cold weather

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It is dangerously cold outside and that means you need to be prepared.

13 News Meteorologist Bryan Hughes said the extreme cold and wind chills can prove deadly.

"It takes just about 15 minutes or less for frost bite to set it, which is immediately followed by hypothermia," Hughes said.

He said dressing appropriately for the weather can help you avoid danger. He advises you to layer your clothing. You can wear layers of clothing including socks and gloves.

"The most important things are toes, your fingers and your ears, those are the extremities that need to be covered up because those are the things that have less circulation that can freeze up," said Hughes.

You also want to keep your face and head covered. You can do this by wearing hats, earmuffs and scarves.

"Its just like if you're going skiing, you wear the face mask, things to cover your ears, you need to protect your entire body as best as you can."

Bryan said any uncovered skin could put you in danger in extremely cold weather.

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