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UPDATE: Delegates announce funding for damaged road in Alum Creek, WV

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This road collapse is affecting dozens of family who live along Coal River Road. This road collapse is affecting dozens of family who live along Coal River Road.


Delegates with the West Virginia Legislature announced that funding has been approved for repairing a damaged road in Alum Creek, WV.

According to the delegates, the Dept. of Highways approved the funding on Jan. 9.  The cost of repairs is estimated at $2 million.   Currently, a bidding process is underway for the repair work.

Bad weather has slowed progress on core drilling and other site work and the road remains closed at this time.



Dozens of people in Alum Creek have been making a trek over an icy slip on Coal River Road the over the last five weeks, all the result of a massive slide.  Back then, the road was shut down by the Division of Highways.

Now residents are either braving a walk across the slip itself or taking one of two detours, both of which are about 30 minutes one way.

Randy Curry is one of the neighbors affected by the slip.  He said, "There are two other ways to get in and out of here, well, when the water isn't over the road.  It has been since this slip.  That blocked us in.  We had to walk around the hillside to get out then."

One woman took the detour just before Christmas.  She said she totaled her car because of the icy curves.  Luckily, she said she wasn't seriously injured. However, many are choosing to skip the detours all together.  Many park as close as they can and walk.

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Curry said it's not just this main slip itself that people are concerned about.  His wife, he said, sustained a pretty serious injury about 20 feet up the road, a part of the road that he said was cracked as a result of the slide.

"She didn't see the crack and she stepped right into it," Curry said.  "It really banged her up, her ribs and me.  We hobbled out of here and she took about two and a half weeks to heal but she's fine now."

Curry said he was told originally that the job would be finished by the last week of January.  "There have not been any plans let out for bid yet," he said.   "I've talked to a couple of contractors who do this kind of work and they haven't seen them yet."

Brent Walker, spokesperson for the Department of Transportation, said first thing Thursday morning, he is going to get the most up to date information on the slip and the work that is being done to repair it.

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