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Protect your family from the silent killer in your home

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Carbon monoxide is known as "the silent killer". 

Experts say a carbon monoxide detector can save your life.

"There's an increase this time of the year," said Captain Ken Tyree.

Capt. Ken Tyree with the Charleston Fire Department said malfunctioning, dirty and not properly vented appliances are just some of the sources of high carbon monoxide levels.

"A regular furnace in your home, if its not been cleaned in a while, it can cause carbon monoxide production," said Capt. Tyree.

You can't see it, taste it or smell it. Tyree said many people don't know their CO levels are high because of something else.  

"The reason it is the silent killer is people don't have carbon monoxide alarms in their home most of the time," said Capt. Tyree.

You can buy detectors that detect both fires and carbon monoxide.

"We definitely have carbon monoxide problems beyond the Kanawha Valley and throughout the state," said Capt. Tyree.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are headaches, dizziness and weakness.

The Charleston Fire Department is offering free detectors to people who stop by the station and request one.


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