Piedmont Elementary in Charleston, WV one of many schools flushing Monday


Schools in Kanawha County, WV received word Monday that it was acceptable to begin flushing their water systems.

Cafeteria and maintenance staff were told to report to school on a normal schedule. Principals were brought in around noon to begin leading the process.

Piedmont Elementary School on Charleston's East End was one of the first schools to begin the process.

Members of the staff there spent the day looking at a heap of dishes that they knew would have to be washed again after they received the all clear. There is a possibility they washed those dishes with contaminated water after they served lunch Thursday.

"We have all of this stuff for our salad bar that has to be washed," said Martha Pickens. "All of these lids have to be done."

Around 1 p.m. Monday, Principal Beth Sturgill received an email from the superintendent's office saying that it was time to begin flushing the pipes. She gave staff a handout from West Virginia American Water explaining the proper process.

They went room by room and sink by sink turning on the water. At one point they had to leave the kitchen because of the strong licorice smell in the water.

With Sturgill's help making announcements on the loud speaker crews timed out the switch from hot water to cold water so that it would happen all at once.

The principal received word from the board offices that maintenance crews would visit the school to change filters and check to make certain the flushing method had been completed properly.

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