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Restaurants in Kanawha County, WV allowed to serve tap water

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Restaurants in Kanawha County, WV no longer have to serve bottled water, tap is now OK. Restaurants in Kanawha County, WV no longer have to serve bottled water, tap is now OK.

After a routine inspection, the Kanawha County Health Department clears restaurants to open using tap water. Many residents though say they do not trust that tap water is safe enough for consumption.

Not all restaurants are convinced the water is good enough to serve either.  Deno Stanley, Owner of Adelphia Sports Bar & Grill in Charleston says the smell is the first indicator to him, so as long as there's a smell he will not serve it to customers.  Adelphia is using bottled water for all food preparation and only serving bottled water and soda.  Adelphia is using signage and social media to alert their customers that they are not using tap water.

Cross Lanes, WV resident, Brittany Davis, says she has eaten out since the water ban has been lifted.  She says with a laugh, "so far so good, I haven't dropped over dead or anything".

The health department does not require restaurants to inform customers if they are using tap water.  Davis says she always just assumed the water is safe and now she wishes she would have asked the restaurant how her food was prepared.

Pregnant women especially are advised by the health department to ask if tap water is being used before dining out.  Davis says although she isn't pregnant, but she figures if a pregnant woman can't drink it then something is in the water that people shouldn't have.  For now Davis plans on drinking bottled water.

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