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City Works to Preserve Piece of Wheeling Island History by Saving Flood Marker

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The City of Wheeling is making an effort to preserve a piece of Wheeling Island history.

City officials have asked that the wall of the Gene Long Community Center, where historic flood levels were recorded, be left standing when the building is demolished.

City Manager, Bob Herron, said he has talked to the contractor about leaving part of the building to preserve the high water marks from historic flooding. Bruce Edge of Edgco Inc. said he'll do his best to preserve the flood wall and the arch next to it. Both men warn the wall is in very poor condition, and the task will be difficult. 

"Floods are obviously very difficult to deal with, but they're kind of a badge of courage and honor for the Island folks who have survived them over the many years," said Herron. "It's interesting to see the different levels and the years in which those floods occurred."

In the event that the wall is not able to be preserved, Herron says they'll most likely place a monument where it stood to commemorate the flood levels.


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