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ANOTHER ARCTIC ATTACK: Cold Blast Has Records In Jeopardy

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Snow flakes are possible briefly in southern Pike County, Kentucky as well as sections of Mingo County and Logan County in West Virginia in the late afternoon, early evening, but that is all we expect to see from the massive winter storm brewing to our south according to the Stormtracker meteorologists.

Temperatures locally are set to break records for the coldest daytime high temperature as long as they stay below 14 degrees in Huntington and 15 degrees in Charleston.

Meanwhile snow from Birmingham to Atlanta has caused driving conditions that can only be called disastrous.  People in the Birmingham, Alabama area have been leaving their cars in the middle of roads due to no traction and multiple spinouts.  In Atlanta, motorists report they have been sitting for over three hours in traffic jams that appear to be sitting completely still from various traffic cameras.  This same storm is leaving roughly 1 to 2 inches in the Deep South which is not conditioned to deal with snow and ice and lacks the snow removal equipment of similar sized cities in northern cities.  Forecasts call for this storm to dump as many as 8 to 12 inches of snow across sections of central and eastern North Carolina.  Travel there tonight and Wednesday is NOT advised.  



Wind Chills this morning:

Parkersburg: -18

Jackson/Rio Grande: -18

Portsmouth/Pt. Pleasant/Gallipolis:  -14

Huntington:  -11

Charleston:  -10

We're expecting to break records today with a "record low maximum" possible.  This means that the high today will be the coldest temperature we've ever recorded as a high temp on this date.  It's brutal today but on a bright note, we're looking at dry skies until Friday evening and a warm up for the weekend!



With forecast highs of about 13 degrees for Tuesday, January 28, the area could set a record for the coldest high temperature for the day.  The old records currently are 15 in 1963 for Charleston and 14 on the same day in 1963 for Huntington.  Beckley's coldest high on January 28th is 13 in 1986.  All of those records could be tied or broken according to the StormTracker meteorologists.  Stay tuned. 


MONDAY MIDDAY UPDATE:'s just the cold.  We're holding steady with temperatures in the low 20s across Kentucky and West Virginia with some schools releasing early.  Many back roads are very icy and that's dangerous on hillsides across the region.  Teens are holding steady across Ohio and that's going to be tough tonight with wind chills dipping into the -10s and possibly near -20 degrees! 



The cold front is rapidly blowing into the region.  It has dropped temperatures in Cincinnati by 20 degrees in less than 3 hours!  Winds are gusting to 45mph.  Light rain will change to snow showers with a Winter Weather Advisory in effect.  This means that slick travel conditions have developed due to the snow, extreme drops in the temperatures and the refreeze of the melting snow will be a problem across the area.

A WIND CHILL ADVISORY is in effect for the entire region.  This means that Frost Bite can set in within 15 minutes if your skin is exposed to the elements without protection.




Expect a few drops of rain overnight into early Monday morning before the rain changes over to all snow as our next cold front arrives.  Temperatures will start around freezing and fall throughout the day.

Snow accumulations will range from a coating to around an inch for most with some locally higher amounts possible east of Charleston.

Snow showers will wrap up during the early evening hours on Monday.  Watch for slick roads for both the morning and evening commute on Monday.



The next round if extreme cold will impact us throughout the day on Monday and continue until late Wednesday.  Records will be challenged, if not broken on Tuesday and deadly wind chills are possible as well.

TIMELINE:  Sunday is a mix of weather as temperatures warm up to the upper 30s and near 40 before the arctic surge of air early Monday morning.  Snow showers across SE Ohio will produce a light dusting of snow to, at most, 1 inch.  Across parts of Kentucky and West Virginia we could see some light rain Sunday night mixing with snow showers by early Monday morning.  Temperatures will be warmest on Monday at midnight and continue to drop all day, especially as the cold front passes through the area just before sunrise.  Tuesday is just dry and cold, same thing for Wednesday and Thursday begins cold but "warms up" to near freezing for the afternoon high.  Friday we'll have light snow and the weekend is advertising a wintry mix.


WIND CHILL WATCH:  This has been issued for parts of southeast Ohio and the mountains of West Virginia.  These are areas where wind chills on Tuesday have the potential to reach a deadly level.  Wind chill readings will dip to -20 to -30 and at these rates frost bite sets in 5 to 10 minutes, hypothermia is likely after that and then eventual death.  We've had people freeze to death this year...we don't need anymore deaths!  This Wind Chill Watch will most likely be upgraded to a Warning once we get closer to the event.

BREAKING RECORDS:  We are looking at breaking the "record low max" for Tuesday.  In other words, we've never seen a high temperature on Tuesday that's ever been this cold!  This record potential goes for Huntington, Charleston, Parkersburg and Beckley.

PATTERN CHANGE:  Thankfully (miracles do happen), the extremely cold pattern will return back to its Canadian roots.  That leaves the Ohio River Valley on the cusp of some entertaining storms.  So, instead of the extremely cold weather pattern, we'll be dealing with big storms that are very tough to forecast.  Some of these will have more ice involved as well as some more extreme differences in snow totals.  There's a global pattern shift that we're watching and the ground game comes right across our region.  So stay tuned and we'll keep "Working for You"!


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