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As the weather warms up potholes begin to pop up

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Potholes are born of the freezing and thawing cycle of water in the pavement.  Big or small, they can do a number on your car.  William Pennington is a mechanic at Garrett Tire Center.  He says potholes can cause busted struts, busted tires, as well as bend rims. 

Damage caused by potholes can cost a pretty penny.  Pennington says it could cost anywhere from $200 to $700.  This time of year mechanics stay busy with pothole damage.  Pennington says front end alignment is one of the most common services they provide.

Damage to your car isn't the only danger.  Kathleen is a Charleston resident.  She has encountered potholes before and says one of the dangers is that while trying to avoid hitting a pothole, you could cause an accident due to surrounding traffic.

Every hole in the road may not actually be a pothole.  Gary Taylor, Charleston Public Works Director, says people often call to report a pot hole, but it's actually a utility cut that a company made to repair something.  Those are the responsibility of the utility company to fill.

Fixing potholes isn't top priority right now.  Taylor says they're not going out right now to fill potholes because all of the trucks are still prepared for snow.  Once there's a long enough break in the weather public works will unload some of the salt machines and temporarily fix potholes with a cold patch mix.  A more permanent fix with asphalt is done come spring.

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