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Ice Jams happening Across the Valley

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A major problem going on Saturday evening: ice jams across creeks and streams all over the Valley.

Ice is jamming up at Little Wheeling Creek, Short Creek, and at Big Wheeling Creek and that's just in Ohio County!

Residents and authorities have been continuously monitoring creeks across the Valley all day.
Although the water has risen, in some areas more than 6 has been slow and there is* water flow so everyone has their fingers crossed that there won't be any flooding.

"we're going to keep an eye on it because it has come up quite a bit since this morning," said resident Paula Muffeny.

"right now in most areas we have good flow underneath or around most of our jams but that's what we're watching now," Ohio County Emergency Management Director Lou Vargo said.

Vargo also said worst case scenario, the creek gets jammed up and the water starts rising quickly, in which case they'll have to start evacuating homes. He said there's really nothing that they can do with ice jams but let nature take it's course and hope they flow smoothly into the rivers.

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