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Testimonials from local businesses remind patrons that their water is clean

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Paterno's at the Park is one business taking part in the CVB campaign. Paterno's at the Park is one business taking part in the CVB campaign.

These days, for the majority of our locally owned restaurants in the region, it's all about bottled water.  Sandy Call is the general manager of Bridge Road Bistro in Charleston. 

She said, "We're cooking with it.  We're preparing food with it.  We're cleaning the food with it.  We're cleaning the restaurant with it.  We're serving it to the guests."

To spread the word about the businesses that are using bottled water, the Charleston Convention and Visitors bureau is using Youtube as a marketing tool. 

Nikki Paterno, owner of Paterno's at the Park, said, "We're still doing everything with bottled water."

According to their web site, the Charleston CVB has "initiated a series of testimonial videos that include local restaurant owners and others in the tourism industry. Each video will tell the story of how the business responded to the challenge."

"We are Charlestonians ourselves," Paterno said.  "You know, we want to go out to eat as well."

The videos will be released each week.  Bridge Road Bistro hasn't been approached yet to take part in them, but the general manager told us she'd love to help.  "Absolutely," Call said.  "I'm very proud of what we're doing here.  I'm proud that my staff is on board as well."

Bridge Road Bistro has their own stockpile of bottled water.  Despite that, they said things haven't been easy.  The owners of local restaurants have told us that they do it because Charleston is home.

Sandy said, "The community is our family.  We have to do it because these people are our families."  They said it's about working as team.

Paterno said, "I hope people go out.  Not just to here but to other restaurants as well.  We're trying to stay open and do the right thing."

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