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Documentary crew putting down roots in WV as water crisis unfolds

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Cullen Hoback  - Hyrax Films Cullen Hoback - Hyrax Films

You've seen our coverage of the chemical spill and resulting water crisis from the moment it began, but another crew is in town, also documenting what is happening here

On Friday, Dr. Rahul Gupta with the Kanawha – Charleston Health Department was in our newsroom.  He was here to give us the latest information that he has on the water crisis. 

He walked in with a film crew.  This crew is not from around here.   

In the weeks after the chemical spill, many have said there hasn't been enough national media attention.  "Why? Why were so many national news stations just not reporting on what I consider and what may be the most the largest drinking water spill in recent history," said Cullen Hoback, with Hyrax Films. 

Hoback and his crew shoot documentaries.  They traveled to our region from Los Angeles after hearing about the chemical spill.  They have rented a home here and are immersing themselves in our way of life.

Hoback said, "I'm coming in here and asking questions and learning from the people I'm talking to.  You know, I really don't have any preconceived notions.  Everyday, this situation evolves and I learn something different."

We started noticing Hoback and his crew just days after the leak.  Anywhere we were, they were there too, asking the questions we were asking right along with us.  Hoback said, "It still shocks me that Freedom Industries has been completely absent in this whole process."

In the middle of making this documentary, he said one aspect of our region has stood out.  "How open people have been, letting me into their homes, talking about their situations," he said.  "That to me has been really rewarding, just being able to connect with people."

Hyrax Films' last documentary was available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon.  He said once this is complete, you should be able to watch it from those sites.

Stay with 13 News for the latest on this film. 

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