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Kanawha County schools prepare for the Westest

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It's been quite a year for students in Kanawha County between bone-chilling temperatures, snowy days and the water crisis it's been hard to get students back into the classroom.

 "It has been a very hectic rush to try to get to all of the components we need to address," said Julia Wilkinson, an 8th grade English teacher at Stonewall Jackson Middle School in Charleston.

With the annual Westest just around the corner, teachers at Stonewall Jackson are kicking into overdrive.   

"Because we missed so many days, it's been makeup trying to get to the few things that are really important," said Wilkinson.

Students at Stonewall Jackson are currently in the middle of finishing the writing assessment test. However, to prepare students for the tests it's been all hands on deck. For the past couple of weeks teachers have helped other teachers out, trying to make up for the lost time.

"Everyone has taken a piece of getting the writing assessment pieced for. Whether you're a health teacher to a reading teacher all the way to people that teach math," said Jessica Austin, the principal at Stonewall Jackson Middle School.

While schools do not have to teach for the test, students do need to be prepared. Each year schools are rated based on the results and their scores expected to improve.

"We might have to teach things at a faster rate. We may have to cut some of the fluff that you might do normally if you had enough time but regardless our teachers are still teaching and doing what they started out doing," said Austin.

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