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Woman Accused of Embezzling More Than $1 Million From Bethany College Pleads Guilty

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Shelly Lough, the woman accused of embezzling money from Bethany College, plead guilty to the charges against her on Friday.

Lough entered guilty pleas to charges of embezzlement and falsifying accounts that occurred between June 2011 and May 2013. She faces a sentence of not less than one, or more than 10 years on the embezzlement charge, and not less than one, no more than 10 years, on the falsifying account charge.

She admitted to stealing a total of $1,038,000 from the school, however, neither the prosecution or defense said they could be certain of a precise amount. Investigators had originally believed Lough had embezzled around $700,000, but the new total was revealed after a prolonged investigation by FBI investigators.

In court, the defense said Lough has been undergoing treatment for mental illness since September of 2013, and continues the treatment currently.

The case began in October of 2013, when a financial audit revealed that more than $500,000 in cash was unaccounted for in accounts relating to the college's cash window, which is used to cash student and employee checks.

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Lough will be sentenced on April 8 at 2 p.m..

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