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Parent in Charleston, WV hopes schools will skip Spring Break

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Jessica Smith's two children attend school in Kanawha County, WV. Tuesday she brought them to the Kanawha County Public Library branch in Charleston, WV. School was canceled for the second day in a row because of weather. She wanted to make certain they were still learning.

"My daughter is falling behind because of all of the missed school days," Smith said. "She is having a tough time learning already."

Smith said she would be in favor of sending students to school over Spring Break to make up the missed time.

Officials in Greenup County, KY canceled Spring Break for their students.

Superintendent Steve Hall said the break scheduled for March 31 through April 4 was canceled for all 7 schools in the county.

In Boyd County, WV students learned they will be going to school on Memorial Day.

More schools are now at risk of losing their Spring Break.

States have very specific rules when it comes to how many days students have to be in class.

A brutal winter has put schools in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky in a tight spot.

"It is kind of hard on the learning process," said Mark Christian, South Point Local Schools Superintendent. "Kids have those breaks in the action and they have to get caught back up every time they come back."

He said schools are allowed five calamity days that they do not have to make up. So far they have missed a total of 14 days. They can use what are called Blizzard Box days to make up 3 of the missed days. That involves students completing class work at home.

The Ohio House and Senate are currently deciding if they should allow school to have additional calamity days and how many. So far schools haven't heard a final decision on that matter. They are waiting to see if they will have to lose some or all of the days of their Spring Break.

"You know we hate this," Christian said. "We want to be in school and we make every attempt. But safety comes first."

According to West Virginia Department of Education spokesperson Liza Cordeiro each of West Virginia's 55 counties will transition any day possible to an instructional day in an effort to meet the 180 day guidance.

"We will not have the official numbers until later in the school year," she said. "But at this time we believe all county school systems have canceled more instructional days than they have available for make-up, so no county board of education will be able to provide 180 instructional days this year."

That means some West Virginia counties may have to cancel Spring Break. Cordeiro explained that counties will vary on that decision based on how they planned their calendar for the year.

In 2014 there will be significant changes in West Virginia when it comes to the school calendar. County boards will be required to not only schedule but actually provide no less than 180 separate days of instruction. If it is not possible to complete the 180 days with the school calendar the board will be required to schedule instruction on any available non-instructional day or use out of calendar days.

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